Resource Management

Estimating Resource Needs: A Key Aspect of Project Management

Estimate Activity Resources is a crucial process in project resource management. It involves estimating the team resources and determining the type and quantities of materials, equipment, and supplies necessary for project work. The main advantage of this process is that it identifies the type, quantity, and characteristics of resources required to complete the project, enabling effective planning and allocation of resources.

The Estimate Activity Resources process is performed periodically throughout the project as required. It is closely coordinated with other processes like the Estimate Costs process to ensure consistency and accuracy in project planning.

In specific project contexts, certain knowledge and skills may be essential. For instance, in a construction project, knowledge of local building codes is crucial. This knowledge can often be obtained from local sellers or, if the internal labor pool lacks experience with specialized construction techniques, by hiring a consultant.

Similarly, an automotive design team needs to be familiar with the latest automated assembly techniques. This knowledge can be obtained by hiring a consultant, sending a designer to a robotics seminar, or including a manufacturing representative in the project team.

The inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of the Estimate Activity Resources process are critical to its successful execution. These include resource calendars, expert judgment, and resource breakdown structures, among others. Understanding these elements and their interrelationships is key to effective resource estimation.