Integration Management

Overseeing Project Progress: An Overview of Integration Management

Monitor and Control Project Work is a critical process in project integration management. It involves tracking, reviewing, and reporting the overall progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan. This process is performed throughout the project and provides key benefits, including enabling stakeholders to understand the current state of the project, recognize the actions taken to address performance issues, and gain visibility into the future project status with cost and schedule forecasts.

Continuous monitoring is a vital aspect of this process. It involves collecting, measuring, and assessing measurements and trends for process improvements. Continuous monitoring provides the project management team with insights into the project's health and identifies areas needing special attention.

Control in project management is another crucial aspect of the Monitor and Control Project Work process. It involves determining corrective or preventive actions, replanning, and following up on action plans to resolve performance issues.

The Monitor and Control Project Work process involves several tasks. These include comparing actual project performance against the project management plan, assessing performance periodically, checking the status of individual project risks, maintaining an accurate information base about the project’s product(s), providing information to support status reporting and forecasting, monitoring the implementation of approved changes, reporting on project progress and status to program management, and ensuring that the project stays aligned with the business needs.

By understanding and effectively implementing the Monitor and Control Project Work process, project managers can ensure that their projects stay on track, meet their performance objectives, and align with business needs.