Integration Management

Creating a Solid Foundation: Developing a Project Management Plan

The Develop Project Management Plan process is a crucial part of project integration management. It involves defining, preparing, and coordinating all plan components and consolidating them into an integrated project management plan. This process is carried out once or at predefined points during the project.

The key benefit of this process is the creation of a comprehensive document that outlines the foundation of all project work and the method of performing the work. The project management plan outlines the execution, monitoring, control, and closure of the project.

The content of the project management plan varies based on the application area and the complexity of the project. It can be either summary level or detailed, depending on the specific project requirements. Each component of the project management plan is described to the extent required by the specific project.

The project management plan should be robust and adaptable to respond to changes in the project environment. This agility can lead to more accurate information as the project progresses. The project management plan should also be baselined, meaning it should define the project references for scope, time, and cost. Baselining the project management plan allows for project execution to be measured and compared to these references, enabling performance management.

Once the project management plan is baselined, changes can only be made through the Perform Integrated Change Control process. Change requests are generated and decided upon whenever a change to the baselined project management plan is requested.

The project management plan is progressively elaborated by controlled and approved updates, extending through project closure. If the project exists within a program or portfolio, the project management plan should align with the program or portfolio management plan. The project management plan should also define the process and cost threshold for changes that need to be reviewed by the change control board, as indicated in the program management plan.